Jonker mattress

The definition of anatomy

Indulge in the softness and incomparable anatomy of the JONKER mattress. Thanks to its unique technology and combination of different types of independent springs, it offers maximum body, while at the same time its luxurious design, challenges you to experience true relaxation and wellness!

10 years quality guarantee

30 cm height,

+/- 1 dimensional variation due to material nature

Zipper that allows the optical control of materials

Vent & Fresh special open ventilation cells that ensure air circulation towards all directions in the mattress

Handles for easy rotation of the mattress


Produced in all desired dimensions

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Jonker mattress features

Insert materials are described in the order they are placed in the mattress for each two sides

Pure viscose fire retardant fabric

Human skin is our natural connection to the environment. It loves to touch natural materials which have a positive effect on the body, creating the ideal conditions for climate and temperature. Inside the heart of the tree trunk, cellulose is found, a pulp of the structural polysaccharide. After special treatment, it offers us unique gloss fibers from which high quality fabric is produced.

Viscose is a very durable fabric which offers great comfort during movements. Also, it has a sensation of embracing the body harmoniously so it is highly requested in textile production. The PURE VISCOSE fabric has excellent heat-regulating properties. Indeed, its structure “traps” the air, providing a natural insulating environment, as it can absorb up to 40% of moisture while reducing static electricity.

Produced according to the specifications of the European OEKO TEX STANDARD 100 & slow flammable.

Fiber wave lana

Eco-wool layer. It contains no chemical resins and glues, it is fully recyclable and hypoallergenic. A exclusively patented product technology is its structure, as the fibers are arranged in sinusoidal order, thus forming a set of waves having a horizontal arrangement. This ensures a great flexibility, excellent restoration and durability, even under high compression conditions.

Double high-resilience foam HR

The state-of-the-art high quality foam with its open cellular structure allows breathing inside the mattress and at the same time because of its high density ensures maximum performance Its behavior provides high elasticity, excellent recovery and durability even after years of use. A double layer of material is used on each side of the mattress.

Quilted 5M artwork

GRECO STROM innovates in the design and quality of quilting. It includes in its production, modern technology machines capable of operating precisely a lot of materials together. In this way the advantages of LITHOS handmade mattresses are combined with the technological evolution, resulting in extremely soft sensation, great comfort and aesthetically perfect result.

7 multi-zone latex layer

Latex is a white, milky liquid that comes from the extracts of the Hevea brasiliensis tropical tree and is characterized by its unique flexibility and excellent restoration. Thanks to its seven different support zones it ensures an evenly distribution of body pressure during sleep. In this way, it promotes proper blood circulation in the spine and the limbs. Its numerous holes allow for optimum ventilation of the mattress, preventing the growth of microbes, fungi and mites, thus ensuring the best hygiene conditions. GRECO STROM guarantees the use of the best latex quality selected from controlled plantations and is strictly tested before and during the production process.

Tablet micro pocket springs 1000s

The new unit of individual springs type TABLET MICRO POCKET SPRINGS 1000S offers a high level of support and comfort. Each spring is hosted separately in fabric pockets allowing each spring unit to react completely independently and ensures noise avoidance. In combination with the independent spring unit 7 ZONE MICRO POCKET SPRINGS 1000S additional resistance is provided when more pressure is exerted, therefore increased support is provided when and where needed, thus contributing to the maximum anatomical performance of the layer. In addition, the small diameter of each micro pocket spring results in the maximum number of springs per m², thus providing the highest degree of support.

The rate of 500 pcs per m² is maintained.

7 zone micro pocket spring unit 1000s

Independent spring unit type 7 ZONE MICRO POCKET SPRING 1000S that are hosted separately in fabric pockets. The 7 different support zones allow the individual elasticity of each spring and provide a high degree of support. This regulates the distribution of pressure and ensures ergonomic adjustment to body weight by evolving anatomy to the highest degree.

The rate of 500 pcs per m² is maintained.

Frame support

Stainless steel perimeter frame ensuring spring stabilization and the mattress dimension.

‘’V’’ foam extra support

High density foam for boarder support of the mattress. In addition, with special notches V-shaped along the length sides and with its open cellular structure, it ensures excellent ventilation of the mattress.

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