Poseidon mattress

Poseidon mattress from marine series mattresses certified by MIRTEC SA that meet the requirements as outlined in EU Regulation 2017/306 for MED / 3.21 bedding product group. • SOLAS 74 Reg.II2/3, Reg. II-2/9 & Reg. X / 3 &
• IMO Res. MSC. 307 (88) - (2010 FTP Code) Annex 1, Part 9.

5 years quarantee

Available in thickness 15 or 19 cm.
Dimensional variation due to material nature +/- 5%.

Outer cover stretch antibacterial FRT

The special ANTIBACTERIAL PROTECT treatment is applied during the production process of the fiber fabric. Thus, its protective effect is maintained throughout the whole mattress lifetime. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and slow-flammable

FRT wad

Hypoallergenic, flame retardant pad with antibacterial certification for great elasticity and internal ventilation of the mattress.

Inner microfoam

High density foam for great flexibility, elasticity and uniformity, ensuring maximum performance of the mattress.

Quilted hill

High-tech quilt process for great soft sensation.

Flex layer premium

Extremely durable foam material for preservation of mattress conformity which also promotes the anatomical mattress features.

Pocket springs unit 500s

A unit of individual POCKET SPINGS that are hosted separately in cloth pouches. Therefore, it adjusts the pressure distribution for excellent anatomy. The rate of 260 pcs per m2 is maintained.

Border frame support

It ensures the stabilization of the springs and the dimensions of the mattress.

Border foam support

Enhanced foam material of reinforced density that maintains mattress support. Special V-shaped notches on the longitudinal sides ensure optimum ventilation of the mattress.

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