Swiss safety and quality product certification

GRECO STROM baby mattresses have been tested and certified by the Swiss Institution of Approval and International Product Quality, as compliance with applicable European directives and regulations. The products comply with the requirements of the European Standard: EN 16890:2017. Children’s furniture – Mattresses for cots and cribs – Safety requirements and test methods.

Swiss Approval International audits with frequent inspections the proper implementation and maintenance but also the continuous upgrade of quality systems.

Why is product approval and certification important?

In the context of harmonizing the technical legislation of European countries in accordance with the current European framework,provision procedures are made to guarantee the safety and quality of products or production within Europe or outside the EU. Product certification is necessary for every producer / commercial intermediary – dealer / importer of products in order to ship them within European Borders.
The Swiss Approval International emblem is an approved Brand Name, widely used as well as an unquestionable tool, capable of supporting producers / agents / importers, for the implementation Community legislation on product safety, Indicating that such products have been validated by authorized bodies for compliance with applicable European directives; or regulations before being placed on the European Union market.

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