Hypnatura bonnell spring

The GRECO STROM Bonnell series provides great durability, stability, and most importantly orthopedic properties, as the mattress core is made from springs with specially shaped European antioxidant steel.

These springs are usually arranged in rows and are joined between them with a spiral wire. Each of the Bonnell mattresses in the series Hypnatura can guarantee ultimate orthopedic support.

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Hypnatura bonnell springs mattresses collection have been tested and certified by the Swiss Approval International, as compliance with applicable European directives and regulations. The products comply with the requirements of the European Standard: EN 1957:2012 & EN 1334:1999. “Furniture - Beds and mattresses Test methods for the determination of functional characteristics and assessment criteria” - “Domestic furniture - Beds and mattresses Methods of measureurement and recommended tolerances”

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