GRECO STROM.The leading manufacturer of sleep products.
Our 56 year history, verifies it!

With dedication and perseverance in quality for 56 years, GRECO STROM has managed to be at the top of sleep products for every age.
The secret of success is not a “secret.” It is a tough job to offer you the finest materials, the richest choices,
the most sophisticated products, strictly adhering to the toughest international standards of mattress production.
The recognition and trust of those who have chosen GRECO STROM, has given us a leading role in the sleep product market
Perhaps because we were not only able to offer them what they asked for, but also to overcome their expectations …

  • 1964

    The company is founded by Mr. Fotis Gotsopoulos
    and is active in the manufacturing of handmade cotton mattresses.

  • 1976

    A big leap for GRECO STROM ,the purchase of 5,000 sq.m.
    privately owned area and construction of factory building of
    1,500sq.m. in Mandra, Attica.

  • 1980

    Purchase of machinery equipment and production of
    mattresses with springs.

  • 1986

    Mr. Marios Gotsopoulos, son of the founder,enters the company
    as partner

  • 1991

    GRECO STROM grows after it extends its factory building to 3,000 sq.m.

  • 1997

    Mr. Chris Gotsopoulos, son of the founder, enters the company as partner.

  • 1998

    Our company extends its activity by studying, designing and producing baby mattresses, based on the most stringent international

  • 2000

    ​Company Certification based on the International Quality Management System ISO 9001

  • 2003

    Investments are made with upscale and modern mechanical equipment and the company proceeds to innovative design and production of box mattresses.

  • 2004

    Mattress supply assignment for the Olympic Games.
    Company certification based on the nternational Environmental Management System ISO 14001.
  • 2005

    Export activity in Cyprus.
    Incorporation of the company as a member of ISPA (International Sleep Products Association).
  • 2006

    Assignment for Navy submarines and ships, with mattresses certified according to specifications IMO (International Maritime Organization).
    Award of the
    ECO LABEL under the register number EL / 014/06
  • 2007

    The mattress strength is verified by the test EN 1957 in the AIDIMA specialized laboratory in Spain.
    Export activity in Balkan countries.
  • 2008

    ​Export activity in Russia.
  • 2012

    Company certification based on the ISO 13485 International Medical Product Quality System
    Study, design and production of hospital
    beds with CE certification and registration
    in the Register Manufacturers of Category
    I Medical Devices from EOF
  • 2013

    GRECO STROM keeps growing after expanding the factory premises to 6.000 sq.m..

  • 2015

    GRECO STROM innovates by designing and producing mattresses that go beyond
    expectations. The advantages of a handmade mattress structure are complied with transcendental technological development,
    offering the new generation of LITHOS mattresses.

  • 2017

    Investing in state-of-the-art mechanical equipment.

  • 2018

    The baby mattresses of GRECO STROM are tested and certified by the Swiss Certification Body for Safety and Product Quality Swiss Approval International and meet the requirements of the European Standard: EN 16890:2017
    Extension of privately-owned building facilities
    to 16,000 sq.m.
  • 2019

    Upgrading quality products that are required to meet specifications and are suitable for the equip of ships, yachts, hotel and general spaces,
    it is considered necessary to use mattresses with particular fire resistance, therefore GRECO STROM designs and produces a new series of mattresses that meet the requirements as outlined in EU Regulation 2017/306 for MED / 3.21 bedding product group
    • SOLAS 74 Reg.II-2/3, Reg.II-2/9 & Reg. X/3 &
    • IMO Res. MSC. 307(88)-(2010 FTP Code) Annex 1,Part 9
    Export activity in Czech Republic.

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