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Table of items (by category) with years of warranty

At GRECO STROM we combine the knowledge and experience of the past with transcendental technological development by producing handmade beds, in a wide variety of designs, colors and dimensions that promise to transform your bedroom.

  • FOAM MATERIALS  5 years
  • SPRINGS  8 years
  • MECHANISMS  5 years

When does the GRECO STROM warranty begin?

Your product warranty begins on the purchase and delivery date which is verified by proof of receipt. For this reason, it is always necessary to provide the purchase receipt or purchase invoice.

When does the GRECO STROM warranty apply?

The guarantee of good operation of the furniture – products of the company applies only when the instructions for proper use are followed and for as long as the period time is indicated, from the purchase date up to the expiration date as determined by the company. The company in the context of warranty management and if a defect is detected, which may be due to extreme rare cases of production failure, should repair the product or part thereof, without financial burden from the customer, except for that of shipping costs. In case the damage is not repairable, and the fault of the customer has been excluded, only then, the company owes to make a replacement, without financial burden of the customer except for that of shipping costs.
In no case, the amount of money of the purchase is non-refundable.

The warranty is NOT VALID ….

in case of deterioration or damage due to misuse:

  • Scratches, bumps, breaks, burning, lack of cleanliness
  • Humidity (appearance of mold)
  • Improper use of cleaners or other products
  • Exposure to external environmental conditions (solar radiation, humidity & all exogenous factors)
  • Improper assembly
  • Incorrect transfer
  • Improper storage
  • Natural Disasters
  • Damage from pets
  • Wrong dimensions by customer. It is pointed out that the bed
    dimensions are communicated based on its mattress dimensions (e.g. AURA bed for 160 x 200 cm mattress).
The external dimension of the bed is always larger and differs according to its headboard design and the base type.
  • Issues of sense and aesthetics
  • Parasitic insects (bed bugs, fleas, etc.)

In these cases (except for parasitic insects, where disinfestation procedure is required by specialized workshops), the company can determine the extent of the damage and proceed in a costly repair process, which is borne by the customer.

The guarantee of good operation and proper use of the products does not include and does not cover the visitation of the company’s technician as well as the shipping costs that may arise and concerning transport for inspection, repair or even replacement whole or partial, to and from the place where the product is located.

The warranty of good operation concerns exclusively and only the product and not the visit of the technician
or the transport of the product.

Small tips and useful information for proper use and good operation

  • The life of a product is interconnected to the sequence and assurance of the correct conditions of use.
  • Be informed about maintenance instructions.
  • Do not hesitate to consult the technician department of the company in time, so as to guide you safely and responsibly in managing and resolving any issue that may arise.
  • Any intervention or repair effort should be done by an authorized workshop or technician or partner of the company. In any other case the warranty is not valid.
  • To move a product, do not drag it but lift it.
  • In case of moving, the product must be disassembled, carefully packed so as not to be damaged or worn and then assembled, according to the instructions of use.
  • The headboards must touch on a wall.
  • Do not overload storage spaces with heavy, bulky items.
  • Prevent children leaping on the bed or the couch. Except for the damage, which may not be amenable costly repair, there is a serious risk of child accident.
  • Be very careful in the use of cleaners that may alter the texture and color of the fabric or varnish of wooden furniture surfaces.
  • Lifespan of the seat cushions of the couches/sofas, depend on rational use. If you sit constantly on the same side, without following the rotation procedure of the seats, surface unevenness may be caused. The sofa seat is designed to accommodate your body on its entire surface. If you are constantly sitting on the edge, you may affect the stability and static of the seat, to a degree which cannot be repaired even with the appropriate charge.
  • Because all materials used for production of beds and sofas are brand new and unused, do not be disturbed by the smell of new. It will it only take a few days, adequate ventilation of the space in order to gradually recede, the perfectly normal characteristic smell of the new product. The same goes for wooden, varnished, or non-polished furniture.
  • It is forbidden to sit on the back or arms of the couch.
  • The inner material from the bed pillows, the decorative pillows, sofa cushions are not washable. In the case of removable covers (headboards, bases etc.), The cleaning method is dry cleaning
  • Due to the difference in light absorption, the reflection and light transmission of the fabric may have differences in the shade of the fabric, so compared to the sample, as well as from bobbin to bobbin.
For reclining mechanisms, the maximum weight Tolerance 120 kgr per mechanism must be observed. The same goes for the artemis sofa where the maximum weight tolerance 110 kgr per bunk must be observed.

Do not close the sliding mechanism with the person on it. Your hands must remainaway from moving parts. Do not allow children to open or close the mechanism themselves.
  • In case you do installation on your own, before disassembling the mechanism, install it with the wheels on the floor and put the mattress on top, without the mattress it opens abruptly and there is a risk of injury.
Put your left hand on the bed, hold lightly and pull the belt with one movement using your right hand, gradually press the bed with your left hand until it closes.

Slide the sliding mechanism completely out of the bed. Make sure there is no obstacle when opening and pull the strap until you hear the characteristic “click” sound of its termination.

  • For the proper and safe operation of the frame storage mechanism, the placement of the mattress on the frame is required.
  • It is considered necessary to inform the company about existing access and security difficulties for delivery of the bed or sofa (narrow or internal staircase etc.) So that the company can take care of the use of a lift, with the appropriate charge.
  • Installation or removal instruction and replacement of removable cover.
  • The company bears no responsibility for any damage may be caused during the transport of products, when mediated transport companies and once the products have been delivered in perfect condition.
  • The company is responsible for the transfer when the products are transported by its own means.

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