Basket mattress

Made of hypoallergenic foam of high density and strength, great flexibility and elasticity

Mattress height 2 cm.
Dimensions up to 40 x 80 cm (WxL).
(+/-1cm due to natural materials)

Thanks to its open cellular structure, it allows air to flow and, at the same time, due to its high density, it ensures maximum performance of the mattress providing excellent restoration and resilience.

Suitable for basket

Detouchable fabric covers with zipper

Breathable materials


Fire retardant fabrics

Washable fabric covers


Available in 2 types of detachable covers

Tencel antibacterial fabric
With special antibacterial treatment that prevents the growth of bacteria and mites in the mattress.
It is elastic for easy application, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, free of heavy metals and volatile compounds. In addition, it has been processed for slow burning, which reduces the flame spread.


Ύφασμα επεξεργασίας καπιτονέ με πολυεστερική βάτα

3D airproof fabric
Waterproof fabric of special technology with three-dimensional structure, allowing comfortable air circulation, promoting proper ventilation inside the mattress and preventing the growth of microbes and micro-organisms. Thus, your baby enjoys a comfortable and safe sleep.
It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, free of heavy metals and volatile compounds.



Mattress is certified based on the international standard that ensures hygiene, OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100.

+/-1cm due to natural materials.

Removable and washable fabric covers at 30°C
All dimensions apply to basket mattress up to 40 x 80 cm
(width x length).

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Upper quality of advanced technology foam material with its open cellular structure that allows air flow inside the mattress. Also, thanks to its high density ensures its maximum performance, providing great elasticity, excellent restoration and durability even after years of use. During the production process, no substances harmful to the human body are used.

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