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GRECO STROM continues steadily and upwards its course, progressing its evolutionary
production process..

Alongside,the company innovates by upgrading quality products that meet the requirements and are suitable for the equipment of ships, vessels, yachts, hotels and generally places that are necessary to use fire-resistant mattresses. As a result, the company produced eight new types of mattresses, which after being tested in accredited laboratory meet the following requirements, as described in EU Regulation 2017/306 on the MED / 3.21 bedding product group.

SOLAS 74 Reg.II-2/3, Reg.II-2/9 & Reg. X/3 &
IMO Res. MSC. 307(88)-(2010 FTP Code) Annex 1, Part 9

"You have a boat, I have a mattress. You have a mattress, I haveGRECO STROM. You have GRECO STROM, I have too but I have no boat. 🙁

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