Ioli mattress
from coconut fiber material

A mattress with a 100% natural rubberized coir and enriched with latex extracts which achieve elasticity and excellent restoration.

Coconut fiber
The rubberized coir is a 100% natural high strength product that ensures the proper temperature.

Swiss Approval

Swiss Approval International

Mattress height 6 cm (+/-1 cm due to natural materials).

Removable fabric cover 

Anticaric and antimicrobial properties

Rubberized coir

The rubberized coir comes from the collection and processing of tropical coconut fibers, which are enriched with latex tree extracts. A 100% natural material with a long life span and stable substance durability that provides comfort and flexibility. In addition, the structure of the rubberized coir allows the air to penetrate inside the fibers, thus providing a natural insulating environment that ensures the maintenance of proper temperature and humidity and also prevents the growth of microbes, fungi and mites.

100% natural product with high durability that maintains the proper temperature.
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